Tutorial #1 – Retouch landscape photo

I have never owned fancy cameras that let me control settings. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length were terms I envied when people spoke about their shots. I owned a simple Sony point and shoot and relished taking pics with that. Then I moved to iphone when I saw drool worthy photos in large banners all over the city, with caption- shot with iphone 6. That banner sealed the deal and also my wallet! I got some good pictures, dont get me wrong, but still never those captivating pictures that I admire. That’s when I got introduced to post-processing.

My husband recently left his precious DSLR with me and having a DSLR lying in the house motivated me to learn some post processing tricks. I still dont take amazing photos and most of the time I am in awe of pictures I see on my friend’s feed, but at least I am trying to improve. I thought of sharing this tutorial of retouching a landscape picture with the hope that it may help someone with their pictures.

Here is the original picture:

I opened the photo in Photoshop (check out some amazing tutorials it offers) and applied the following:

1. Adjusted brightness and contrast:

I thought the picture needed some contrast. In its original form, it seems flat.

Layer > New adjustment layer > brightness and contrast.

Adjusted brightness to 10 and increased contrast to 81.

2. Adjusted saturation:

I wanted the colors to pop even further. So I tweaked saturation further keeping hue constant.

Layer > New adjustment layer > hue/saturation

Increased saturation to +45

3. Spot healing and patch tool:

I used spot healing and patch from the tools to remove some imperfections. This helped me get a clean photo. You can use this tool to clean imperfections in your photo.

4. Apply smart filter:

I then selected all the layers and converted it into smart filter. Smart filter creates a wrap around your layers and any effect you apply, is applied to the wrap. Your original image adjustments remains intact.

Filter > convert to smart filter

5. Blur filter:

I then applied tilt shift blur filter and played around with blur zones.

Filter> blur gallery> tilt shift blur

You can increase the blur to your desired effect. I choose 11 px.

Click ok and you are done! Voila! just like that your photograph is instantly transformed into a cover photo/ desktop worthy image.

After:                                                                 Before:




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